V-Golden supports to shipping to all provinces and cities in Viet Nam. Customer should note the terms as follow:

 Scope of  application:

All customers who buy products at vgolden.vn have demand for direct delivery at home

  Forms of application:

  • Free delivery: within Ho Chi Minh City, only apply for orders with a value of 2.000.000 VND or more
  •  Charged delivery: except for the free delivery above, the remaining cases will be charged for shipping according to the shipping table of the 3rd carrier or by V-Golden. The fee will be noticed and confirmed to Customer before payment

 Delivery time

Delivery time will be from 1-3 days depending on shipping distance

 Responsibility for freight

V-Golden’s transportation service or designated by V-Golden will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of goods during the process of transporting goods from our warehouse to customer

Customer is responsible for checking the goods when delivering. If customer see damaged, scratched, broken goods, please sign the delivery status with the staff delivery and immediately notice to Customer Service via Hotline 088 689 1178

After customer have signed and received the goods without making a note and comment about the goods, V-Golden is not responsible for the return or exchange requests for damage, scratches, wrong goods,… from Customer later

If the transportation service is specified and selected by Customer, you will be responsible for the goods and risks such as loss or damage of goods during the transport of goods from V-Golden to Customer. Customer will be responsible for costs and related losses

Other conditions

The free delivery policy does not apply to the costs incurred: roads, bridges, or parking fees at the apartment are paid by the customer. V-Golden will only deliver the goods to the right person that customer have registered when buying. During the delivery process, if there is any unclear recipient change, V-Golden reserves the right to refuse delivery and request that the Customer receive the goods at V-Golden’s address.

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